[Mesa-users] requesting for ur help in solving this issue..

suma s suma_s27 at yahoo.co.in
Mon Jan 31 19:50:09 PST 2011

i saw ur post in the list which says "For the looks of it, it should not be able to throw that error, if compiled correctly.
It's normally only thrown on IDirectFB::GetInterface and the like."
even iam facing some issue..
actually i've compiled my application to run on MIPS platform..
mine is a simple application that uses GL module on directfb, where the
application simply draws a single horizontal and vertical line....
the issue that iam facing is.."my application is unable to find the GL
implementation...it says some thing like this.....

(-) [Main Thread      84.694] (  612) Direct/Interface:  
DirectGetInterface( 0x7fe78ad8, 'IDirectFBGL', '(null)', 0x2ab0cc40,
0x41a358 )
makeline.c <68>:
        (#) DirectFBError [primary->GetGL( primary, &primary_gl )]: No
(suitable) implementation found!
if u can plz help me in solving this
 issue, i would be very helpful...just
tell me what might be the possible situation, where an application fails to
find its implementation....this is a work stopper and iam stuck in this for
many days.. so plz help me..

thanks in advance

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