ANN: ModemManager 1.4 released

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Fri Aug 22 09:15:20 PDT 2014

Hey hey,

I'm pleased to announce a ModemManager 1.4.0, a new stable release. This 
version requires libmbim >= 1.10.0.

This release was tagged as "1.4.0", and you can download the source 
tarball here:
MD5: 4f78b31c23828dc1037352d6dbb608db

A new 'mm-1-4' branch was also created in the git repository, where
changes applicable to this new stable series will be posted.

Documentation about the interfaces and the command line tools can be 
found in the ModemManager website:

This version comes with the following updates in the interfaces:

  * Updated the logic around the IP configuration properties in the Bearer:
    ** Setting DHCP as IP method in the IPv6 settings means that SLAAC 
should be used to retrieve correct addressing and routing details.
    ** DHCP IP method may now be combined with an explicit static IP 
address, as IPv6 SLAAC may require the link-local address to be present.
    ** MTU is now also included in the IP configuration properties, if 
specified by the modem, and applicable to both DHCP and STATIC methods.
  * New 'OFF' power state, which fully switches off the modem device. 
After setting the modem in this state, no further use of it can be done. 
Currently available in Wavecom and Cinterion.
  * Location interface: new 'unmanaged GPS' support, which allows to 
start/stop the GPS module in the modem, while leaving the location 
information retrieval to other processes. Currently available in modems 
with independent GPS TTYs, like Option/HSO, Cinterion and Huawei.
  * New Test DBus interface: not to be installed, just for internal 
system tests.

Other notable changes include:
  * MBIM: support for ZTE and Sequans Communications modems.
  * Ericsson MBM: Support for AT-capable /dev/cdc-wdm ports.
  * Huawei: improved support for Network time retrieval.
  * Huawei: implemented GPS support.
  * Huawei: support for /dev/cdc-wdm AT ports via the new huawei-cdc-ncm 
  * Cinterion: implemented GPS support.
  * Cinterion: implemented unlock retries loading.
  * Cinterion: gather port types for multi-tty devices.
  * Cinterion: custom wait for SIM readiness after SIM-PIN unlock.
  * Wavecom: custom wait for SIM readiness after SIM-PIN unlock.
  * Probing: new flag to identify hotplugged devices which don't need 
full reset.
  * Tests: internal refactor of the ports handling code, allowing 
test-driven virtual ports and system tests run during 'make check'. This 
new feature also comes with a new internal 'Test' DBus interface, as 
well as new --test-[*] options in the ModemManager program.
  * and many more fixes...

Thanks to everyone involved in the development of this release :)


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