MC7710 "forgetting" RAT

Martin Anderseck Martin.Anderseck at
Wed Feb 5 07:58:17 PST 2014

Just for the records: Now I got the invalid output of selrat again but at 
the same time this: 

[/dev/cdc-wdm0] Successfully got system selection preference
        Emergency mode: 'no'
        Mode preference: 'gsm, umts, lte'
        Band preference: 'gsm-dcs-1800, gsm-900-extended, gsm-900-primary, 
gsm-pcs-1900, wcdma-2100, wcdma-2600, wcdma-900, wcdma-1700-japan, bc-16, 
bc-17, bc-18, bc-19'
        LTE band preference: '1, 3, 7, 8, 20'
        Roaming preference: 'any'
        Network selection preference: 'automatic'
        Service domain preference: 'cs-ps'
        Service selection preference: 'automatic'

However by using qmicli to set the system selection preference I could 
change the value of selrat back to 7 again.

I will keep you updated in case I find out anything that leads to a 
solution of this mysterious issue but I won't continue spamming you with 
always new perspectives of the same problem unless you ask me to do so ;-)


modemmanager-devel-bounces at wrote on 05.02.2014 
> Thank you also for this explanation. I've checked this while the RAT was 

> valid and I got an output as yours. In the meantime I have also updated 
> libqmi to 1.8.0 and ModemManager to 1.2.0. In this new setup I didn't 
> the wrong RAT yet but the first simple-connect attempt often ends in 
> protocol error (79): 'PolicyMismatch'. I need to reset the modem but 
> afterwards everything works without any problem. 
> Unfortunately I cannot say that this problem is limited to my single 
> MC7710. We use some of these modems in a project where partners make 
> first steps with them currently and I got that feedback twice already. 
> from all your statements it sounds like there's something strange going 
> in the modem and rather not in ModemManager. 
> Martin

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