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Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Thu Feb 13 12:15:00 CET 2014

On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 10:27 AM, Aleksander Morgado
<aleksander at> wrote:
>> ModemManager[25133]: <debug> [1392196544.656494]
>> [mm-at-serial-port.c:436] debug_log(): (ttyUSB2): -->
>> 'ATD*99***1#<CR>'
>> ModemManager[25133]: <debug> [1392196544.693918]
>> [mm-at-serial-port.c:436] debug_log(): (ttyUSB2): <-- '<CR><LF>+CME
>> ERROR: 2<CR><LF>'
>> ModemManager[25133]: <debug> [1392196544.693990]
>> [mm-serial-parsers.c:364] mm_serial_parser_v1_parse(): Got failure
>> code 2: Phone-adaptor link reserved
>> I used a cinterion-specific command, which I'm not sure I'm able to
>> disclose, to get multiple ttys in the device instead of the single
>> ttyACM0, and now I get that error you were seeing. I wonder if it's
>> just the wrong tty being picked for the data connection...
> So yeah, in my case using ttyUSB2 gets me the Phone-adaptor link
> reserved error, but when using ttyUSB3 it gets connected properly:
> ModemManager[26453]: <debug> [1392197119.981303]
> [mm-at-serial-port.c:436] debug_log(): (ttyUSB3): -->
> 'ATD*99***1#<CR>'
> ModemManager[26453]: <debug> [1392197120.030457]
> [mm-at-serial-port.c:436] debug_log(): (ttyUSB3): <--
> I'll try to dig a bit more to see if the modem tells us with some AT
> command which port is supposed to do what. Otherwise, I guess we'll
> need to add some port type hints in udev rules...

I just pushed a patch to git master to handle the correct port type
hints in these devices, when AT commands are used to manage them. Let
me know if you have any problem with it.


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