Huawei HiLink (again)

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Thu Feb 20 01:53:49 PST 2014


I got a HiLink device a couple of weeks ago (thanks Zeeshan), and got
to play a bit with the built-in web interface.

In a brief, I'm not sure that developing support for these devices
through ModemManager is worth it; it would involve talking to the
built-in web interface through HTTP requests to unlock and setup the
connection, and even if it could be a nice hack, we would likely then
face other issues like operator-branded web interfaces and the like...
Unless I'm too bored (or someone sponsors that development) I don't
think I'll ever get to try doing it...

So, if you have a Huawei HiLink device and you want to use
ModemManager, the best you can do is ping Huawei through their support
email and try to get e.g. a MBIM-capable firmware for the device.


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