Deal with 'NotOpened' errors?

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Mon Feb 24 10:02:27 PST 2014

Just rambling along...

I was playing with the thought that it could be plain wrong to implement
the .reset_resume hook in the qmi_wwan and cdc_mbim drivers.  If the
modem was reset along with the USB reset, then we cannot just ignore
this and continue as before.

The problem is of course that there is no way for the drivers to
actually *know* whether the modem was reset (USB reset is not
necessarily the same as modem reset) since these drivers aren't involved
in the management dialogue.  So they just have to use some hard coded
default.  And we should support resuming in cases where the modem wasn't
reset.  That means that we need the reset_resume hook.

End result of this:  Status quo.

Part of the full delegation of management to userspace is that userspace
also has to deal with the reset_resume case.

And now I started wondering why I don't normally see this reset_resume
on suspend (to ram).  


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