cdc-wdm: unable to connect after suspend

Florian Klink flokli at
Wed Jun 11 04:23:07 PDT 2014

Am 11.06.2014 12:17, schrieb Aleksander Morgado:
> On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 12:08 PM, Florian Klink <flokli at> wrote:
>> Sure, I can provide the message dumps. Is it as simple as described in
>> here (,
>> or do I need to recompile libmbim + ModemManager with some additional (debug)
>> flags enabled?
> It's just like that; once you run MM with --debug you'll also get
> libmbim debug messages as well, including all transactions going to
> and from the modem.

Nice! There you go, attached the outputs of ModemManager and
NetworkManager started in debug mode.

I wrote all "actions" (start,configure connection,suspend,resumed,
connectiong again) between 4 "="-signs, so you can easily recognize what
happened when.

Hope it sheds some light on the problem :-)

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