E3276: Failed to find primary AT port

Thomas Schäfer tschaefer at t-online.de
Wed Jun 11 07:18:03 PDT 2014

Am 11.06.2014 15:57, schrieb Georg Lippitsch:
> Am 11.06.2014, 15:25 Uhr, schrieb Thomas Schäfer <tschaefer at t-online.de>:
>> Which kind of E3276 are you using?
> 12d1:14fe  --> 12d1:1506

Ok, this is the "at^ndisdup"-device.

Because of that, it should be supported by the ModemManager. I don't 
know the status of that kind of modems at the moment, but I can try to 
reproduce the situation.


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