Huawei modem (12d1:1573) resets with AT^GETPORTMODE

David McCullough david.mccullough at
Mon Mar 3 15:32:15 PST 2014

Ben Chan wrote the following:
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> > Ben, Franko, have you guys seen a Huawei device crashing/rebooting like
> > this when AT^GETPORTMODE is sent to it?
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> I haven't seen this issue on the Huawei modems that I tested before. It
> could be a firmware issue but I don't have a MU609 module to verify.
> I'm a bit surprised that MU609 shares the same PID as ME906. If we want to
> work around the issue in ModemManager, we certainly need more than PID to
> distinguish between ME906 and MU609. I tested my ME906 and it didn't
> exhibit this issue.

Perhaps we need to look at the Model reported by the modem or something ?
'mmcli -m 0' reports:

    model: 'MU609'

Is there anything else you need from me to learn more about the modem ?


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