[RFC] Probing ttys by default

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Fri Mar 21 03:05:39 PDT 2014

Hey hey,

ModemManager will probe by default new ttys that appear in the system,
as long as they are not blacklisted or greylisted in the udev rules.
This is an on-going problem since when new non-modem devices with ttys
appear in the market, we have to update the rules, and of course that
takes time to get released by distributions (e.g. Ubuntu still has MM
0.6 if I'm not mistaken).

See this for more context:

So, I'm open for suggestions. Is there any way we can avoid this? Or
at least improve it? I believe the greylisting for RS232 converters
already improved the situation a lot, but we're still stuck with
non-modem USB devices exposing ttys.



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