[RFC PATCH] broadband-modem-mbim: refine access technology updates

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Fri May 16 00:43:28 PDT 2014

>> > Looks like the right approach.  The only thing I'd worry about is
>> > whether we reliably get notifications for packet service at the right
>> > times?  Should the patch be more aggressive about clearing
>> > self->priv->HADC to ensure it isn't stale?  For example, perhaps the
>> > device doesn't send a Packet Service "off" notification after being
>> > explicitly disconnected because the firmware is stupid and assumes that
>> > since the host asked for disconnection, it knows to clean up the HADC.
>> >
>> This seems tricky. The modem can still attach to a packet service
>> without activating an IP session. ModemManager currently doesn't
>> explicitly detach the packet service upon a client / network initiated
>> disconnect. So any detach action should come from the modem
>> internally, which means we would expect the modem to "Do The Right
>> Thing (tm)" and notify us via a MBIM_CID_PACKET_SERVICE notification.
> Dan / Aleksander, do you have any other concerns on this patch at its
> current form?

I'm fine with it. Dan?


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