aleksander/cdma-at-activation review

Dan Williams dcbw at
Fri May 23 08:50:37 PDT 2014


Either I suck and can't find a review bug for this, or there isn't

- The Novatel manual activation process looks like it's Sprint-only at
the moment (eg, uses IOTA)?  Was that intentional?  Is Verizon
activation supposed to use the AT+CDV bits?

- For the Sierra manual activation, after issuing IOTASTART the Encore
networks PDF states you need to listen for both OK and then NO CARRIER,
and only after NO CARRIER do you proceed with the namval.  I can't see
anything that waits for NO CARRIER, did you find that waiting was not

- Does anything verify that the 'carrier_code' is not zero-length?  If
that's an issue, I know it existed before this branch, but just

- For Novatel manual, does the "IOTA Enabled" string really mean
everything is fine?  What does it change to if the activation fails?

- activation_context_retry_step() - FALSE -> G_SOURCE_REMOVE perhaps?
I'm a big fan of G_SOURCE_* these days :)

The code itself looks fine to me; I'm happy to double-check on a couple
Sierra and Novatel devices if somebody wants to send along the codes.


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