Modem Manager 1.4.6 unable to bring up ModemManager

Ali Nematollahi alirezan1 at
Fri Apr 17 20:40:49 PDT 2015

Hi guys
I am running debian wheezy 7.5 on an embedded target. Debian comes with
0.5.2 but I need the Cinterion modem driver so I managed to compile and
install MM 1.4.6.
However, right off the bat, i'm running into problems. It seems to have
compiled and installed everything properly but there is no "modem-manager"
daemon executable. but mmcli is there and functional. When I try to run any
useful mmcli commands:

mmcli -L

for example, it comes back with an error that the daemon isn't running.
Also, when I install debian's default 0.5.2 along side 1.4.6 and install
the Cinterion plugin I compiled with 1.4.6, and run "modem-manager" it
passes over the Cinterion plugin with an error that it is not compatible.

Any ideas why the 1.4.6 compile does not bring in modem-manager executable?

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