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On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 6:47 PM, Riccardo Vangelisti <
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> Thanks for you support.
> I agree with your opinion and I changed my proposal with your advices.
> I follow the SMS and Messaging implementation and I create two new
> interfaces named CallLog and Call.
> CallLog contains all Call objects created.
​Ouch, no no, this proposal is even nastier :) I think you didn't
understand me.

I was suggesting 2 interfaces:
  * "Voice" interface applicable to the "Modem" object. This one would have
the Start(), Hangup(), Accept()... methods. Also a List() method to list
which are the available call objects. And also the "Audio" property as well.
  * "Call" interface applicable to a new "Call" object. This one would have
e.g. the Direction property, the Number property... i.e. all the stuff
applicable to one single call.

This would be equivalent to the Messaging+SMS interfaces (Messaging~Voice,

> All Call state are described in a schema that I've attached.
​Ah, nice one.​

> About call type specification, in GSM service there are two types of call:
> Voice Call and Data Call.
> In AT Standard the ATD command is described as follow:
> "ATD[<digits>][I/i][;]
> [...]
> When ';' is contained in this command, a voice call is initiated.
> When ';' is not contained in this command, a data service call is
> initiated."
> Data call is used for example with ZMODEM in order to trasfer files
> between two endpoint.
​I would completely ignore this and only support voice calls for now. We
should try to write a minimal API, we can extend it afterwards if the need
ever arises.​

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