Suggested action to the error messages from ModemManager

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Tue Apr 28 01:12:43 PDT 2015

On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 7:54 AM, Andreas XXX <andreas74a at> wrote:
> ModemManager and the libraries libqmi, libmbim and so on can throw a lot
> different error messages. I wanna know, is there any list of suggested
> actions or detailed descriptions for each possible message?
> Just one example: As a test I removed the SIM-card of an already connected
> modem to simulate a broken SIM-chip - why ever this may happen but I had
> this in the past. The modem status felt back from "connected" to "enabled"
> so my script wanted to instruct the ModemManager via mmcli to register to
> the provider. The MM answered with the QMI-error code UimUnintialized. So if
> I get this error I can communicate to the user "Please check your SIM-card".
> I see the following possible situations and actions that should happen / be
> done after error codes.
> Provider (or just the internet access) not available -> please wait or
> change location and try again
> Problem with the SIM (locked by provider, broken) -> please ask the provider
> to change the SIM-card (or pay the bill or whatever)
> Hardware-Problem with the modem -> ask to support of the manufacturer
> Wrong entered PIN (of course)
> Wrong APN settings (is it possible?)
> Software-Problem -> Maybe software developer should check kernel, libs oder
> MM for updates
> Maybe some error codes can have different reasons, that would be okay, I
> think I can live with that.

There's a list of consolidated errors provided by ModemManager, see:

This includes core MM errors and also Mobile Equipment (generic)
errors that the modem may return.

BUT, with QMI and MBIM modems, you also may get their specific errors.
ModemManager tries to consolidate these as Mobile Equipment error
codes, but only for the most important ones, like the SIM-related
ones, see an example:

Ideally, we should have a closed list of errors that ModemManager can
report in the API, but that would require going over all QMI and MBIM
errors and geting them consolidated as MM core or mobile equipment
error codes. Would you be willing to try that?


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