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Wed Aug 19 04:08:03 PDT 2015

Hi Ahmed
Do you have an antenna connected? Is it an active or passive antenna and can the antenna see the sky. Most antennas are only sensitive enough for line of sight of the satellites.


On 19 Aug 2015, at 13:00, Ahmed Tafesh <tafish_ahmed at<mailto:tafish_ahmed at>> wrote:


I have a Problem in RAW GPS,  i enabled the gps-raw

root at wica:/<mailto:root at wica:/># mmcli -m 0 --location-status
  Location | capabilities: '3gpp-lac-ci, gps-raw, gps-nmea, cdma-bs'
           |      enabled: '3gpp-lac-ci, gps-raw, gps-nmea, cdma-bs'
           |      signals: 'no'

 i enabled the gps-raw successfully, but when i try to get the Location dimntion i get error "Not Available"
root at wica:/<mailto:root at wica:/># mmcli -m 0 --location-get-gps-raw
error: couldn't get raw GPS location from the modem: 'not available'

plz help me

Ahmed tafesh

Eng. Ahmed Tafesh
MSc.  INFOTECH (Embedded System)
Mechatronics Engineering
Mob No:+4917671973960
Email:Tafish_ahmed at<>

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