nm-applet cannot communicate with ModemManager on serveral Hardware

Harald Jung harald.jung at ecos.de
Sat Aug 22 05:14:50 PDT 2015


we are running a selfmade Distro, which is gentoo based.
Modemmanager is started by Networkmanager via dbus.
Here is the order of the services, started by our runlevel script:
8 different networkservices
xfce (which starts nm-applet via autostart)

The thing i am wondering about is that it works on most notebooks, but 
not on all, so it is related to the hardware it runs from


Am 22.08.2015 um 03:02 schrieb João M. S. Silva:
> Hi,
> Maybe it has something to do with the order in which network-manager 
> and modemmanager are started. What distro do you use?
> Check my last message in the thread "error: couldn't find the 
> ModemManager process in the bus":
> I got help from ubuntu-devel-discuss and found a way to enable 
> modemmanager without network-manager:
> $ cat /etc/init/modemmanager.override
> start on starting dbus
> stop on stopped dbus
> This makes it depend on dbus instead of network-manger, which I think 
> is the correct dependence.

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