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Carlos Fernández carlos.fernandez at
Thu Aug 27 06:47:16 PDT 2015


I am trying to get use of ModemManager API in order to develop a C
that communicates and ask the modem for diverse operations. I've seen some
python and javascript client examples in the ModemManager repository, but
nothing about C programming.

Does anyone know if C coding examples on how to deal with ModemManager
are available
on the net, just to be used as a reference, as I have never
programmed using D-Bus??

Both ModemManager and libmm-glib are called high-level APIs, but I'm not
what are the difference between each other apart from the fact, as long as
understand, that libmm is invoked using its own library functions wether
ModemManager is invoked using its D-bus methods (maybe I'm confused about
how it works). I don't know if I should develop my program to use libmm or
if it
should call ModemManager methods (or even if ModemManager internally uses

Best regards.
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