Sierra EM7455 not recognized

Tomek Mańko jaennirin at
Fri Jul 1 04:47:18 UTC 2016

Well, it turns out the explanation was pretty mundane - I was duped by my
worplace. I asked for a L460 with LTE modem, PM passed on a request for a
with an LTE modem and apparently requisitioning decided to save by buying
without. When I opened it up the M.2 socket was just empty ~~'

While I'm pretty pissed about that there's also a silver lining. It seems
Lenovo whitelists another modem for this laptop - Huawei ME906S.
Would it maybe be a better/more supported choice considering problems other
people seem to have to get the Sierra working? Is it an equivalent modem or
it better to buy Sierra and just wait for better drivers?

Sorry for taking yor time, I just kinda assumed I would've gotten what I
requested and not become a money-saving point in the spreadsheet.
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