ANN: ModemManager 1.6 released

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Tue Jul 26 12:03:28 UTC 2016

Hey hey,

This is a new major release of ModemManager, which will be the base for
the 1.6.x stable series (the new "mm-1-6" branch in git). The release
has been tagged as "1.6.0".

Thanks to everyone involved!

ModemManager 1.6.0

 * This version requires:
   ** GLib 2.36.0
   ** gettext 0.19.3
   ** libmbim >= 1.14.0 (for the optional MBIM support)
   ** libqmi >= 1.16.0 (for the optional QMI support)
   ** libsystemd >= 209 or libsystemd-login >= 183 (for the optional
suspend and resume support)

 * For distributions using systemd, it is suggested that the new
optional suspend/resume is explicitly requested during configure with
the new '--with-suspend-resume=systemd' argument.

This version comes with the following new features:

 * Core:
   ** Implemented support for suspend/resume detection, currently
working when systemd is in use. Whenever the system is suspended, we'll
flag the modems as invalid so that they are re-probed from scratch when
the system is resumed.
   ** Added cancellation support for the probing operations.
   ** Reworked and simplified the serial port response processing.

 * Location interface:
   ** Added A-GPS support, currently available only for QMI based modems
with PDS service.
   ** Added support for updating the default GPS refresh time.

 * Time interface:
   ** New default implementation for all AT-based modems.

 * Voice interface:
   ** New DBus interface to allow the management of voice calls, which
currently assumes that the audio channel is setup out of ModemManager.

 * Bearer:
   ** New support for reporting statistics of the ongoing connection
with a new 'Stats' property, currently available for QMI and MBIM based

 * QMI:
   ** Implemented support for devices which only work in "raw IP" mode,
like the Sierra MC7455.
   ** Implemented support for SIM related operations using the UIM
service, as newer modems with multi-SIM capabilities don't support the
legacy DMS UIM operations.
   ** Implemented support for detecting network-initiated  disconnections.

 * MBIM:
   ** If online mode fails, try to use the 'DMS Set FCC Authentication'
QMI message via the QMI-over-MBIM support, if supported by the device.

 * udev:
   ** Added new supported 'ID_MM_PORT_IGNORE' tag to allow fully
ignoring ports specified by the user.

 * mmcli:
   ** Added command completion.
   ** Added new operations to use the Voice interface.
   ** Added new operations to manage the A-GPS settings.

 * Build:
   ** Added code coverage support.

 * Plugins:
   ** haier: new plugin to support the Haier CE81B.
   ** thuraya: new plugin for Thuraya satellite modems.
   ** sierra-legacy,sierra: the implementation for Sierra modems is now
split into two different plugins: a 'legacy' one for the old PPP and
DirectIP based modems and the standard one for the newer QMI and MBIM
based ones.
   ** dell: new plugin for Dell rebranded devices from Novatel, Sierra
or Ericsson.
   ** gobi: removed the plugin. All non-vendor specific QMI devices
should now be managed by the generic plugin.
   ** mbm: dynamically load the list of supported modes.
   ** mbm: fixed several connection/disconnection issues.
   ** simtech: support QMI devices.
   ** huawei: implemented Voice call management support.
   ** huawei: use static IP addressing in NDISDUP capable devices if the
AT^DHCP response provides the IP details.

The following features which were backported to 1.4.x releases are also
present in ModemManager 1.6.0:

 * MBIM:
   ** The mbim-proxy is used by default.
   ** Implemented support for disconnection status notification while
   ** Disabled CDMA capabilities, until properly supported.

 * QMI:
   ** The qmi-proxy is used by default.
   ** If online mode fails, use 'DMS Set FCC Authentication', required
by some rebranded Sierra modems (e.g. Dell branded ones).
   ** Implemented support for loading SIM operator id and name.
   ** Implemented power-cycle reset functionality.

 * Plugins:
   ** telit: added support for new devices, like HE910, UE910 and UL865.
   ** telit: implemented dynamic port identification.
   ** telit: implemented unlock retries loading.
   ** telit: implemented supported/current bands management.
   ** telit: implemented supported/current modes management.
   ** telit: implemented modem reset and power down.
   ** mbm: implemented GPS support for Ericsson HS2350 and H5321gw modems.


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