Sierra Wireless EM7455

Ralph Plawetzki ralph at
Wed Jun 1 08:24:29 UTC 2016

Hi Bjørn,

the weird thing is, that it worked last week when I got the laptop.
I read in the Arch forum that qmi-over-mbim is work in progress and
installed libqmi and libmbim compiled from the qmi-over-mbim branches
right away.

I could connect to the 1&1 (vodafone) network without issueing the
--dms-set-fcc-authentication command before.

After that I checked the Lenovo drivers on Windows (it's dual boot) and
installed a Sierra Wireless driver which seemed to be newer, but was
not. Maybe this was an error. The device still works on Windows 10 64
bit. Although I installed the download from the Lenovo site and the
installer says "Installing Sierra Wireless ..." it reads "Microsoft
driver" in the driver properties. My feeling is that the device stopped
working when I started to fiddle with the driver :/


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