Sierra Wireless EM7455

Ralph Plawetzki ralph at
Wed Jun 1 09:15:17 UTC 2016

Am 01.06.2016 um 11:00 schrieb Bjørn Mork:
> Maybe.  It should not, of course.
> There might have been a firmware upgrade behind the scene here.  The
> Lenovo driver package includes a number of firmware images and operator
> settings.  And the Vodafone ones are particularily complex, changing a
> number of settings which I don't know the meaning of and/or don't
> understand why need to be operator specific. Vodafones newest settings
> ( even include country specific data,
> which makes some sense for things like country specific APNs.  But they
> also set things like "MBIM_CUSTOM_DATACLASS" which seems to just be a
> string description of the custom class.  It is set to "4G" by default
> for all countries except ZA, where it is set to "LTE".  Go figure.  No
> other operator does unecessary stuff like that AFAIK.
> But none of that should really matter.  If it works for Windows, then it
> should of course work for Linux.  Maybe there is some new magic command
> sequence we need to use?

Thanks for these insights!

Firmware could be the prob as I startet ModemManager in debug mode which
gave me an [mm-broadband-modem.c:9231]
iface_modem_firmware_initialize_ready(): Couldn't initialize interface:
'Firmware not supported'

Could this be something?

Kind regards,

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