FCC authentication with QMI over MBIM; try 1

Stefan Armbruster ml001 at armbruster-it.de
Mon Jun 13 09:44:18 UTC 2016


@Aleksander: see logs from current modemmanager qmi-over-mbim branch
(61afbaf605e5dd993e3aca85adf9bcdf93eedff8) at

@Andreas: Can you check if you're seeing only outgoing packets on the
device as well using tcpdump? That's what I'm getting here in case I
do have weak signal.
Kind of strange that I do get IP address assigned (which requires
bidirectional communication) but cannot get data through later on.
Having no clue how we can get further here but I think there some kind
of config option for the modem that is not set correctly.


2016-06-13 10:01 GMT+02:00 Andreas Fett <andreas.fett at secunet.com>:
> Hi,
> On 10/06/16 20:46, Stefan Armbruster wrote:
>> On a unrelated note: my 4G signal is rather poor. Mobile phone
>> typically flips back and forth between 2g and 3g. I have the feeling
>> that the Sierra modem does not really fall back to 2g. The connection
>> is established very fast and reproducible, I do get IP address
>> assigned, but it seems that I'm only sending out packets but don't
>> receive anything.
> I am experiencing the same issue, also using the EM7455 (in this case in
> a Lenovo T460s). ModemManager libmbim and libqmi from the qmi-over-mbim
> branches.
> Connect works fine, address is assigned but there is no traffic.
> Is there anything I can help with to debug this further?
> Andreas
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