Connection instability

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Mon Feb 6 08:39:30 UTC 2017


>> > Can you help me understand how I can check this?
>> Did you use my openwrt feed without modifications? If so you're
>> probably building 0bf4db6561de9be61028eb6bc1792a3b7cc410b5:
> I followed the instructions found here:  (I used menuconfig to choose my
> components for the build)

Yeah, so you didn't change the PKG_SOURCE_VERSION yourself.

>> Can you rebuild but using this instead?
>> PKG_SOURCE_VERSION:=0ea4b09fd64b7c50bf86b94a5ff5114b04ebc766
> Do I change the repo in the feeds.conf?

The repo would be the same in feeds.conf, but you need to update the Makefile:
$ vim feeds/modemmanager/modemmanager/Makefile

And set:

And rebuild.


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