Leveraging GPS in MC7700

Adam Sherman adam at sherman.ca
Mon Feb 6 14:40:12 UTC 2017

On 2017-02-06 09:20 AM, Adam Sherman wrote:
> Output of mmcli shows ports: 'ttyUSB0 (qcdm), ttyUSB2 (at), cdc-wdm0
> (qmi), wwp0s20u4i8 (net)'.

After adding the udev rules, mmcli shows ports: 'ttyUSB0 (unknown),
ttyUSB1 (unknown), ttyUSB2 (unknown), cdc-wdm0 (qmi), wwp0s20u4i8
(net)'. Notable is the addition of ttyUSB1.

> Then I should issue the AT commands to ttyUSB2. Going to test this right
> away.

I didn't even need to issue any AT commands:

# echo \$GPS_START > /dev/ttyUSB1
# gpscat /dev/ttyUSB1

Produces NMEA strings. So I'm off to wire up gpsd, next.


Adam Sherman <adam at sherman.ca>

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