Top-level (ppp) connection management over MM

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Wed Feb 8 15:55:47 UTC 2017

One thing I've picked up whilst reading about MM is that although it can set
the modem into data mode, it doesn't take care of any of the PPP side of
things - this is the responsibility of 'elsewhere'?  I'm trying to figure
out whether there's anything off-the-shelf that can be used for this role?
Presumably something that has the ability to control & monitor pppd, and
also able to control and monitor the modem via MM.

Should I be looking to use MM with something like NetworkManager, or other
[write my own]?  (I did look at Connman but that appears to need oFono,
which I've found to be near-unusably undocumented - I suspect Intel open
source the code, but not their docs..)


This is a headless system (is NetworkManager 'usable' like this?); the 3G
ppp link is needed to be brought up/down depending on other system criteria
e.g. if the Ethernet's broadband router, or even the ISP, falls over. I'd
like something as light n simple as possible, albeit the system has udev,
DBus and probably systemd.

Any recommendations.? Ta!


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