ABOUT-NLS missing?

Colin Helliwell colin.helliwell at ln-systems.com
Tue Feb 14 15:59:45 UTC 2017

On 14 February 2017 at 15:34 colin.helliwell at ln-systems.com wrote:
> Just updated my env setup to the latest master (git://anongit.freedesktop.org/ModemManager/ModemManager), but configure is giving an error:
> configure.ac:86: error: required file './ABOUT-NLS' not found
> Am I missing a bootstrap/configure step or option?  (I’m building within Yocto, btw, but the same recipe was ok from a 1.6.4 tarball – the file seems to be in the tarball but isn’t now being git-fetched)

>From a bit of Yocto googling, it seems that this get me at least as far compilation starting:

--- a/configure.ac	2017-02-14 15:53:04.352135145 +0000
+++ b/configure.ac	2017-02-14 15:53:35.996135298 +0000
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
 dnl autoconf, automake, libtool initialization
 AC_INIT([ModemManager],[mm_version],[modemmanager-devel at lists.freedesktop.org],[ModemManager])
-AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.11.2 subdir-objects tar-ustar no-dist-gzip dist-xz -Wno-portability])
+AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.11.2 subdir-objects tar-ustar no-dist-gzip dist-xz -Wno-portability foreign])
 m4_ifdef([AM_SILENT_RULES], [AM_SILENT_RULES([yes])])

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