Equipment info without SIM installed

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Tue Nov 7 15:59:51 UTC 2017


> I'd like to be able to get the h/w info without a SIM installed, but this
> seems to cause modem_load_current_capabilities() to fail (because "AT_CPIN?"
> errors). Hence the initialization overall fails.
> I haven't yet sussed out exactly which piece of code is catching the error
> (when other commands in 'capabilities' also error), but I'm wondering
> initially whether/why there's a need for "CPIN?" at this stage?

Loading current capabilities is a sequence of commands:

We use AT+CPIN? among those commands to check whether the modem is a
3GPP modem. If we get told that any PIN/PUK is required or if we're
already READY (e.g. SIM-PIN disabled) then we assume that the modem is
at least a GSM/UMTS modem (as CDMA/EVDO modems don't have SIM, so this
command should error out).

In your case, an ERROR in that command when loading capabilities
should be harmless. Could you post debug logs to check what's


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