trying to connect to different operators using --3gpp-register-in-operator

Marcel mahik18 at
Thu Nov 30 10:01:13 UTC 2017


we already wrote around a month ago about that problem, so I thought it 
would be okay to just answer on your last mail again.

I still have the same problem, which is that I try to connect and 
disconnect to 3 different mobile networks in a row and the first two are 
connecting just fine, but the third one just won't connect (I already 
made it try 6 times with --simple-connect just for that one network). 
And after that last network couldn't connect, I do --simple-disconnect 
which works, but then I try to disable the modem and it takes around 1 
minute until the modem state changes from "disabling" to "disabled".

I have a log for you again, I hope it doesn't bother too much.

Btw: I followed your advice to just use simple-connect and then 
simple-diconnect after that as you can see

I think it helped a lot, but the problem that the third operator won't 
connect is really annoying and I couldn't find a solution for that by 
now on my own, so I would appreciate any advice.

Kind regards,


On 24.10.2017 10:08, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
> Hey,
>> Yes, it's like that, I'm calling --simple-disconnect and -d for the
>> modem before enabling the modem again and trying to register via
>> --3gpp-register-in-operator=xxx, then I check if I'm connected to the
>> correct operator by comparing the operator in mmcli -m 0 to the operator
>> I tried to connect to(can I verify like that that I'm connected to the
>> correct operator?)
>> If that is successfull, I use --simple-connect(do I even have to do that?)
> That sequence looks quite well to me.
>> So you see, I'm not doing a 3gpp scan explicitly, I'm just (simple)
>> disconnecting, disabling the modem, enabling again, trying to (3gpp)
>> register in operator, if successful I try to (simple) connect which is
>> always successful if register in operator was successful before
>> Do you have any advice for me what I could do right now?
> I believe you can try to just call --simple-connect with the
> additional "operator-id=XXXX" parameter; then just
> --simple-disconnect, and retry the --simple-connect with the next
> operator id and so on.

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