Latest ModemManager for OpenWRT

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Fri Sep 1 05:38:42 UTC 2017

>>However, with the latest version, I see MM crash on openwrt (Log snippets below).
>>Would you recommend going back a few revisions? If so, how do I associate the package version with the source version to make Makefile changes?
> When  I revert back to the older version and update the feed (./scripts/feeds update modemmanager) followed by installing the packages from the feed (./scripts/feeds install -p modemmanager -a) and do a clean openwrt build, I still get the crash. Can you please help provide some direction if you are familiar with this?

How are you copying the built MM to the target system? If you're
manually copying the built files (instead of running a completely new
built OS each time, check if you have these two files in the plugin
directory (/usr/lib/ModemManager I guess) and leave only the second

If you're really not doing that, and running a full new OS image each
time, check anyway if you have both files, as your build directory may
be dirty with old files.

Some background on this possible issue:

If you do NOT see both files, well, then not sure what the issue could be.


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