[PATCH v3] i18n: deprecate intltool and use only gettext 0.19.8

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Sun Sep 3 19:26:53 UTC 2017


> This version of the patch is looking good to me. I noticed a few
> intltool-related things you can remove from .gitignore: /intltool-*,
> /po/.intltool-merge-cache, /m4/intltool.m4.

Ah, thanks, I'll include that in the v4 of the patch.

>> > By the way, have you seen the upstream ITS scripts?
>> >
>> > https://cgit.freedesktop.org/polkit/tree/data/polkit.its
>> > https://cgit.freedesktop.org/polkit/tree/data/polkit.loc
>> >
>> Oh, I didn't see them, nice to see they're basically the same as what
>> I did :) What's the way to go with this? Should I import those files
>> into the MM sources, or reference somehow the ones installed in
>> /usr/share/gettext/its/, or none of those required?
> I would suggest referencing the ones installed in the system, if that's
> possible. It may not be possible if you need to generate the translated
> policy files even when configured --without-polkit.

There is no polkit tagged release that includes the ITS files
(although distributions may ship updates of the last tagged release
with them), so I'm going to avoid any automagic to detect whether the
polkit version installed has those files, and just ship them in the
data/its directory, at least until we can build-depend on a specific
polkit version.


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