MM cannot open MBIM port; Character set conversion error

Jose, Shijo Shijo.Jose at
Fri Sep 15 00:55:15 UTC 2017

>> I am using MM version 1.6.8 on Yocto (Linux version 4.4.8) to 
>> communicate with Telit LE910 NA V2 modem.
>> The modem is configured to support MBIM and cdc_mbim gets loaded on 
>> Yocto when the modem is connected. However MM is unable to open MBIM 
>> port and I see a  character set conversion error when I 
>> query-device-caps using mbimcli.
>> I have have looked at a similar issue in 
>> 02912.html but this thread does not have the resolution.
>> mbim-proxy seems to be running in my case. I have pasted MM debug logs 
>> below along with mmcli output.
>> Please let me know if this issues sounds familiar and if you have any 
>> suggestions on how to address it.

>Does your system include any iconv support? libmbim needs
>UTF-8<->UTF-16 conversions.

In the Yocto distro that I am using, iconv is supposed to be part of glibc but for some reason it was missing some of the encoding support including UTF-16LE.
Following the instructions found here ( to include incov support worked and this fixed the issue with MM.
Thanks for your help!


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