Telit CE910D OMA-DM issues and cert testing using ModemManager

Daniele Palmas dnlplm at
Thu Sep 21 12:09:25 UTC 2017

Hi Rowan,

2017-09-20 16:36 GMT+02:00 Rowan Hamilton <scramble at>:
> Please see the attached logs. In the file entitled:
> ModemManager_waiting_on_prl_update_from_carrier.txt you can see that a #905
> comes in but we never get a #909. I'm thinking that its not relaying these
> #9xx messages to the module. If this is not possible would it be possible to
> put something in ModemManager to abort the data session and relay the
> previously sent commands to the module?

Since the modem is not receiving any other notification (especially
related to errors) I suspect here a firmware issue .

There are some custom AT commands for modem-initiating a session (see
document OMA-DM Client User Guide that you should have received), but,
before trying to implement a complicated logic, I suggest you to check
with Telit customer support if the firmware is behaving properly: they
will probably request you to collect modem traces for this.

By the way, from your logs, if I'm not wrong, it seems that data
connection setup attempts by NetworkManager are not succeeding.


> Some Telit #9xx commands:
> Hands Free Activation (Includes device configuration, PRL, and FUMO)
> #904 - Notification - HFA Started
> #914 - Notification – Done, HFA Success
> Stand Alone Device Configuration Network Initiated
> #906 - Notification – DC DM session started
> #918 - Notification – DC Done, success
> Stand Alone PRL Network Initiated
> #905 - Notification – PRL DM session started
> #909 - Notification – Done, PRL success
> Stand FUMO Network Initiated
> #907 - Notification – FUMO DM session started
> #916 - Notification – Done, No firmware update
> #919 - Notification – Done, Firmware downloaded successfully

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