Using u-blox TOBY-R200, ModemManager not detecting already registered with network

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Wed Feb 7 20:01:14 UTC 2018

> There is still an issue that exists where if the GSM connection in NetworkManager is setup for "connection.autoconnect yes".  At boot it the GSM connection now takes 70-90 seconds to connect after the start of trying, which is 1.5 to 2 times as long as it used to be.  It looks like NetworkManager is requesting the connection up before the initial modem registration on the network and this is causing the delay that was seen always before your patch.  Is there any way to force NetworkManager to wait for just the GSM connection or to have ModemManager wait for auto registration before continuing with the Registration step?

I may have seen this just yesterday myself doing some tests. I got a
quick workaround just by letting NetworkManager retry indefinitely
until a connection was done, with "autoconnect-retries=0" (in addition
to autoconnect=true). Otherwise, NM was trying 3 or 4 quick attempts,
all failing, and then it would wait a long time before retrying again,
which is when it succeeded.

That said, this is something to fix somewhere in MM or NM. The
connection attempt using Simple.Connect() as NM does should wait for
the modem to get fully enabled and registered, it shouldn't blindly
error out quickly, which is what I believe it was doing.


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