4G USB dongles known to work on Linux

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Fri Feb 16 10:31:19 UTC 2018


> Hi! https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/ModemManager/SupportedDevices/ looks quite outdated. Can anyone here recommend any 4G USB dongle which works reasonably well on Linux?

Oh yea, that list was built for MM 1.0, quite a long time ago...

> In particular, does the Huawei E3372 or E8372 work? A quick google search returns mixed results.

A lot of the new Huawei modules (HiLink firmwares) aren't managed by
ModemManager any more, instead they provide a network interface and
expose a built-in web to configure the modem. If you just need
connectivity, this may be perfectly enough for your use case.

If you do need control over the modem, though, something managed by
ModemManager would be better. Huawei also has non-HiLink firmware
variants that e.g. work in MBIM mode and that allows easy integration
with ModemManager. E.g. I've seen E3372 devices managed in both ways.

I'm personally not going to recommend any USB dongle myself, because I
really don't use them much (mostly playing with minipci/m2 modules
lately), so not sure which ones are better than others really... Any
module that works either in QMI or MBIM mode should be good enough I
guess. Maybe someone else has suggestions here?


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