4G USB dongles known to work on Linux

Nate Pleasant nate.pleasant at accelerated.com
Tue Feb 20 14:47:23 UTC 2018


What carrier and country are you looking to work in?  I've been using the Huawei E8372 here in the US, and it works great on Linux with both AT&T and T-Mobile SIMs.  It gets recognized as a Ethernet interface, and provides a web UI that you can use to manage and configure the E8372.  The downside is this USB modem acts like a router (i.e. it provides a NAT-ed 192.168.8.x address to your PC), so you'll never get to directly use the IP address the E8372 received from the cellular network.  Here's a link I found for the user manual for the E8372 if you want to read more:


As for other USB modems that work well on Linux, I can recommend the following additional modems, based on carrier.  However, some of these USB modems are a bit old at this point, and may have to be purchased used or from a third party:

- AT&T/T-Mobile - Sierra Wireless 313U (unlocked if not using on AT&T) - does not act like an Ethernet interface, instead provides standard tty/wwan interfaces

- Verizon - Novatel 551L - acts like a Etherenet interface, but doesn't have a web UI for management (uses a tty port for AT commands).  Benefit is you can use the cellular IP address on your Linux machine

- Verizon - Novatel 620L

- Sprint - Netgear 341U - similar to Sierra 313U mentioned above, but it has a LCD screen

- Sprint - Franklin 770 - similar to E8372 in usage (Ethernet + web UI)

Nate Pleasant

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