4G USB dongles known to work on Linux

Bjørn Mork bjorn at mork.no
Thu Feb 22 17:08:27 UTC 2018

Henrique Ferreiro <henrique.ferreiro at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi! https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/ModemManager/SupportedDevices/
> looks
> quite outdated. Can anyone here recommend any 4G USB dongle which works
> reasonably well on Linux?

I guess this page became irrelevant because "all" 4G and 3G USB dongles
suddenly worked reasonably well on Linux. It should probably be replaced
by a page stating that fact(?)

I am sure there are exceptions which do not work at all, but for some
years now these exceptions have been hard to find.  So maintaining a
list of supported devices doesn't make any sense.  They all work, more
or less.

*How* they work still differ though. As Aleksander and others have
mentioned, the trend seems go towards modems acting as mini-routers with
web based management.  The advantage is that it works the same
regardless of host OS.  The disadvantage is that you are limited by the
management web application built into the modem firmware.

The DDWRT guys have an extensive list of modems, which might give some
clue wrt which modems support QMI or MBIM based management:

But the number of device and firmware combinations is so large that I
don't think it is possible to tell for sure without trying.

> In particular, does the Huawei E3372 or E8372 work? A quick google search
> returns mixed results.

They should work as well as any, as Thomas said.  Exactly how is
difficult to say without known the precise firmware configuration.  But
I am pretty sure you should be able to get an IPv4 Internet connection
going without much trouble.


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