Way to prevent MM from periodically reading packet stats

Jose, Shijo Shijo.Jose at hughes.com
Mon Feb 26 20:29:35 UTC 2018


I have MM version 1.6.4  running on Linux and I am using it  to communicate with a Telit LE910 V2 over MBIM and AT.
Along with MM I have running my own process that sends and receives AT commands over one of the serial interfaces (ttyACM0).
  Hardware |   manufacturer: 'Generic'
           |          model: 'MBIM [1BC7:0032]'
           |       revision: '20.00.504'
           |      supported: 'gsm-umts, lte'
           |        current: 'gsm-umts, lte'
  System   |         device: '/sys/devices/platform/soc/soc:internal-regs/d005e000.usb/usb1/1-1'
           |        drivers: 'cdc_acm, cdc_mbim'
           |         plugin: 'Generic'
           |   primary port: 'cdc-wdm0'
           |          ports: 'ttyACM3 (at), cdc-wdm0 (mbim), wwan0 (net)'

Apparently MM fails reading packet statistics from the Modem and this happens periodically. I see the following error -
ModemManager[1949]: <warn>  Reloading stats failed: OperationNotAllowed

I suspect that MM's periodic stats request(assuming this is over MBIM) is interfering with my AT requests over ttyACM0, which fail occasionally (i.e I don't get responses to AT commands send over ttyACM0 ocassionally).

I would like to know if there is a way to configure MM to prevent polling for stats and if it may interfere with using one of the serial ports independently of MM?
Please let me know if you need more information.

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