[Question] ModemManager location usage [Aleksander Morgado]

liuqf at fibocom.com liuqf at fibocom.com
Tue Jun 5 03:33:46 UTC 2018

Hi Aleksander, 
    we had install geoclue2 by 'apt-get install  libgeoclue-2-dev', 
    but we still do known how to use geoclue2 in ubuntu 18.10.
    can you show us more detail about  geoclue2's usage and install ways ? 

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>See more comments below.
> What modem is this?
> [Liu] it's a new modem, product by fibocom. vid pid is 2cb7 0007.
> 3ACM(GPS+TRACE+AT)+MBIM. we used Generic plugin just now.
> [Liu] maybe we need a plugin for fibocom to do some location's requestion.
>If you need custom AT or MBIM commands to implement location
>information retrieval (e.g. start/stop GPS, read GPS NMEA traces...)
>then yes, we would need a new plugin to handle this modem.
> [Liu]  Hi Aleksander, is it a location service in modem manager ?
>Not sure what you're asking for here :) ModemManager does provide
>location information to the system: GPS (both NMEA traces and
>processed lat/long info), 3GPP LAC/CID/MCC/MNC and/or 3GPP2 Base
>Station info (whatever applies).

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