ANN: ModemManager 1.6.14 released

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Wed Jun 13 11:36:24 UTC 2018

Hey hey,

This is a new release in the ModemManager 1.6.x series. Please note it may be the last one, as the current new stable series is 1.8.x.

Overview of changes in ModemManager 1.6.14

 * Build:
   ** Avoid -Wincompatible-pointer-types for MM 1.6.x builds, to skip the stricter checks in GObject.

 * Introspection:
   ** Fixed bearer list annotations.
   ** Explicitly use ModemManager prefix to refer to introspected types.

 * Core:
   ** udev: add tags also on bind actions.
   ** 3GPP: don't force auto registration if already registered.
   ** Signal: fix reloading of detailed signal quality status on AT modems.

 * Plugins:
   ** QMI: update EPS registration state for LTE modems.
   ** MBIM: check if IP session is active before trying to deactivate it.
   ** MBIM: increase deactivation timeout to 60s.
   ** Huawei: Handle optional 0x prefix on hex numbers in ^DHCP response.
 * Several other minor fixes.


About ModemManager:

Download here:

Verify it:
    $ md5sum ModemManager-1.6.14.tar.xz
    56912ba34d8a715f5ee4f7c8f38816d5  ModemManager-1.6.14.tar.xz

Please report bugs either to:
    modemmanager-devel at

Or to gitlab:



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