SMS retrieval on Telit LE910 V2 EU with MBIM

Piotr Figiel figiel at
Mon May 14 10:54:52 UTC 2018

 I'm looking now into SMS support on LE910 modem running in MBIM mode.
This is on MM 1.7.991 and libmbim 1.16. It seems sending messages
works out of the box but retrieval has some issues.
 I found that the MM doesn't receive MBIM notifications when new SMS
come, i.e. no MBIM_SMS_READ_INFO is sent by the modem. It seems though
it is correct according to MBIM specification for the modem to only
send the notification when class 0 messages come (i.e. not for normal
SMS - if I understood this correctly).

 In that case is there a way to make ModemManager poll the list of
SMSes stored on the device to update it's internal list? (Or is it
possible to make MM aware of new SMSes otherwise?).

 The other issue I found on that particular modem is that it seems
only SMSes stored on SIM card are visible via MBIM. I.e. AT+CPMS="SM"
has to be set first and only then the messages are seen by
ModemManager. But since it seems this setting is stored on modem's
flash it's enough to set it once with AT commands and then
ModemManager is able to get the list of SMS stored on SIM during the

Best regards, Piotr.

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