[review v2] Voice implementation fixes (with audio channel setup handlers)

Bob Ham bob.ham at puri.sm
Wed Sep 19 16:29:40 UTC 2018

On 16/08/18 17:30, Bob Ham wrote:

> Possibly, yes.  The SimTech (== SIMCom) plugin is using the
> MMBroadbandModemQmi class which means I either need to (1) subclass
> MMBroadbandModemQmi and mix in AT commands, or (2) use the plugin's
> AT-only MBroadbandModemSimtech class and add to it.  I'd rather stick
> with QMI but I don't know how well the modem will cope with it so I need
> to experiment.

I did stick with QMI, or at least the Qmi class.  FYI, here's my patches:


Feedback is welcome.

I'm not submitting a merge request yet because the patches are on top of
an older version of Aleksander's voice-fixes branch.  The newer branch
increases the version of a dependency, libqmi I believe.  The newer
dependency isn't packaged in Debian so to avoid more packaging work,
I've stuck with the older branch.

> My intention was to handle the audio completely outside of ModemManager.

Again, this is what I've done.  For your interest, here is a deamon
called Hægtesse which can reliably make calls through a SIM7100 and a
PulseAudio-supported headset.  It just ferries data between the TTY and
some PulseAudio streams but has to do lots of dances to keep things
working reliably:


From the README:

  "Probably the best place for this functionality would be a PulseAudio
  plugin which listens to ModemManager over D-Bus and configures itself
  according to ModemManager call audio meta-data.  This functionality is
  still under development, however."



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