ANN: ModemManager 1.10.2

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Mon Jun 10 16:46:32 UTC 2019

Hey hey,

This is the first bugfix release in the ModemManager 1.10.x series.
Unlike previous bugfix releases of stable branches, this release comes with a new feature that may require packaging updates, see notes to distribution packagers below.

Overview of changes in ModemManager 1.10.2

 * Carrier configuration reporting and automatic selection.

   It is now possible to load and expose in the modem interface the currently selected carrier configuration in the module, if any, via the new 'CarrierConfiguration' and 'CarrierConfigurationRevision' properties.

   Additionally, if the modem/plugin supports it via a custom mapping, ModemManager will also automatically select the best carrier configuration
   for the currently available SIM card. The mapping is provided via an external file that associates a SIM card MCCMNC with a given carrier ID string as reported by the specific module.

   Initially the carrier configuration reporting is available to all QMI modems with PDC service support, and the automatic carrier configuration switching only to the Dell DW5821e, for which a mapping configuration file is provided.

   This carrier configuration support provides the foundation for "carrier based firmware upgrade paths" in the fwupd/LVFS integration. E.g. a modem running with a Vodafone-specific carrier configuration will only be suggested firmware upgrades providing Vodafone-specific carrier configurations, as the specific GUIDs generated for fwupd contain the USB VID/PID/REV plus the currently used carrier name: USB\VID_413C&PID_81D7&REV_0318&CARRIER_VODAFONE.

   Some notes to distribution packagers:
   ** The mapping files will be installed under ${pkgdatadir}, e.g.:
   ** libqmi 1.22.4 is required as a buildtime and runtime dependency.

The list of changes in this version includes:

 * Manager interface:
   ** Fixed inhibition alloc/dealloc mixup.

 * Modem interface:
   ** New 'CarrierConfiguration' property that shows which is the currently selected carrier configuration in the device, if known.
   ** New automatic carrier configuration selection logic, based on per-device or per-vendor mapping.

 * Messaging interface:
   ** Flush SMS list update before notifying added/removed signals.

 * SMS:
   ** Fixed sending binary PDUs via AT commands when other AT command operations are scheduled at the same time.

 * QMI:
   ** Increased the number of open retries from 10 to 20, required e.g. for the Telit LM940/960 modems.
   ** Implemented QMI PDC based carrier config loading and automatic switching.

 * Plugins:
   ** dell: added port type hints for the DW5820e.
   ** dell: use QMI DMS extension method to load properly formatted firmware version strings.
   ** quectel: added port type hints for the EG06.
   ** ublox: added alternative port type hints for the LISA/SARA-U2.
   ** telit: added support for MBIM-based telit modems.

 * mmcli:
   ** Updated --monitor-state to report modem removal.

 * Several memory leak fixes in different modules.


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