EM7455 modem --location-enable-gps-unmanaged fails

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Wed Jun 12 04:31:45 UTC 2019


> I'm trying to setup GPS support for EM7455 modem by using 1.10.0 release of MM.
> I tried to use following script from [0] to setup unmanaged raw gps
> mode so then /dev/ttyUSB1 can be used by gpsd to get coordinates.
> While running step: mmcli -m 0 --location-enable-gps-unmanaged I get:
> error: couldn't setup location gathering:
> 'GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.ModemManager1.Error.Core.Unsupported:
> Cannot enable unsupported location sources: 'gps-unmanaged''
> Anything I'm missing here? Or should I use method described here [1] ?

Unmanaged GPS support for the EM7455 is not implemented yet in
ModemManager. It's probably an easy thing to do ($GPS_START and
$GPS_STOP to the NMEA TTY) but hasn't been integrated yet.
If you want to use GPS via MM, you should be able to use the
non-unmanaged setup via QMI LOC and the other MM operations (e.g.
--location--enable-gps-raw, --location-enable-gps-nmea)


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