Get the last SMS from mm_modem_messaging_list

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Wed May 8 18:27:45 UTC 2019


> I have some trouble with pulling a received SMS from the ModemManager
> messaging-list. Roughly described I'm doing things like so:
>   gdbus_sms = MM_GDBUS_MODEM_MESSAGING(mm_sms->modem_messaging);
>   g_signal_connect (gdbus_sms, "added",
>                     G_CALLBACK (cb_dbus_signal_sms_added),
>                     NULL);
> In 'cb_dbus_signal_sms_added' I call 'mm_modem_messaging_list', and in
> its '(GAsyncReadyCallback)list_ready_cb' I iterate through the GList
> that I get with 'mm_modem_messaging_list_finish'. But the last received
> SMS isn't in the list then. The SMS is included in the list when the
> next SMS is received, so the list content always lags one behind in this
> phase.
> Do I miss a step in the sequence, or could it be a timing issue?

Any chance you can retry with the fix in the following MR?


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