Telit LE910C1 - GPS integration

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Sun Apr 26 09:53:51 UTC 2020


> I am looking for a way to integrate the current telit GPS code in MM 1.12.x but on a LE910C1 that is currently using the qmi interface.

If you're using the modem in QMI mode, are you sure you don't already
have GPS control using either the LOC or PDS QMI services? Or does the
Telit modem not support those services?

> As I read in other threads, the way to go would be to migrate the mm-broadband-modem-telit gps code section to mm-shared-telit and than add it to a new file that would be mm-broadband-modem-qmi-telit. Is that right or an other strategy should be used.

That would be the strategy, yes, but only required if the QMI modem
doesn't support LOC or PDS QMI services.


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