Correct connection sequence to maximize chances of e.g.: getting connected :)

Enrico Mioso at
Thu Apr 30 11:16:53 UTC 2020

Hello Aleksander!!

thank you again!

So - i was considering using a GList of my own structs to track down objects and maintain it when observing state transitions.
Now I was wondering how to manage:
- async operation concurrency: am I guaranteed only a single async operation runs? Or should I lock somehow the list?
- software shutdown:
 	- I will have to unref all my objects somehow
 	- mainloop exiting should be the last thing I do

but I should be sure all async operations are complete when I quit my program, and I know the answer: GCAncellable. :) :)
But at the moment it's not clear to me how I might use that to make sure that when the program quits, all async operations are cancelled, and no other are pending.
I did have a look at mmcli use of GCancellables, but it's not clear to me how I might use them when I only use, and not implement, async ops, amongst other things.


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