Ubuntu focal PPA

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Sun Dec 13 19:33:01 UTC 2020

> > I noticed that your Ubuntu focal PPA for modemmanager is failing builds for armhf arm64 (https://launchpad.net/~aleksander-m/+archive/ubuntu/modemmanager-focal).
> >
> > Do you know what the issue is? I would love to be able to use these for the various armhf/arm64 boards I support that have an Ubuntu focal rootfs.
> >
> I recall there was an issue with the ARM builds in Launchpad the day I
> pushed the new packages, but then assumed they would be rebuilt when
> that issue was resolved, looks like that didn't happen.
> I've now rebuilt libmbim and libqmi packages, and I'm waiting for them
> to get into the "published" state before I can launch the MM package
> build. I guess they'll all be ready in the next few days.

I hit send for the previous email and the libqmi/libmbim were just
already published, I've triggered the MM builds right now, and if
they're ok they will be published in a couple of hours.


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