Modem Manager refresh rate

Artur Maciuszonek amaciuszonek at
Tue Dec 15 17:48:08 UTC 2020

  I am wondering if I may get some insight on the GPS refresh rate.  When I
change the rate from the default 30 seconds to say, 5, the utc timestamp on
the nmea string does not change.  When I disable the location gathering and
re-enable it  the timestamp updates once.  Seems like the refresh rate is
not being honored.  I do realize that the ModemManager from the debian
repositories is old.  Would I need to update it manually to fix the GPS
refresh rate?

Does the modem need to be moving physically and not be stationary for the
GPS location time to update?

Distro: Debian Buster 10.7 (Vanilla)
Modem: Sierra Wireless EM7455 (latest generic firmware)
Modem Manager Version: 1.10.0
MetworkManager: 1.14.6

thank you kindly,
Artur M.
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