FW: Modem Manager showing Registered state, while modem is connected.

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Subject: Modem Manager showing Registered state, while modem is connected.


  The issue we are observing is that the Modem state is shown as "Registered" in ModemManager, although barrier is connected.  When debugging it is observed that the modem state is changed from Connected to Enabled when the modem is in Idle state. The state then changed from Enabled to Registered state.  This state transition looks different from the state machine diagram of ModemManager as mentioned in https://www.freedesktop.org/software/ModemManager/api/latest/ref-overview-modem-state-machine.html.

  I'm working on ModemManager 1.12.5 and the modem model is Quectel EG25G connected on Telstra 4G network. The issue is observed on Sierra MC7430 as well on Beagle 4G network.

  Attached is the ModemManager log. Appreciate your help in resolving this issue.

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